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On Stage


I remember my first gig on stage like it was yesterday: I was about 16, having just learned to play the guitar for a few months. It was for a garden party in a small village somewhere in a very remote part of France. The local cheesemaker was in charge of driving us around in a van he used to deliver his cheese with, so you can imagine the smell. My very first tour bus! This didn’t stop me from experiencing the thrill of becoming a professional musician, instantly turning me into a local Keith Richards. I couldn’t imagine at the time that playing the guitar and a few other instruments would take me around the globe, from Radio City in New York to the Forbidden City in Beijing alongside great musicians, backing amazing artists, the latest one being Jean-Michel Jarre, the world famous electronic music pioneer, I have been working with since 2004.


I began working with electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre in 2004 for his concert at the "Forbidden City" in Beijing. Since then I was lucky to do more than 150 concerts with his band all over the world...


I owe a lot to Jean-Jacques Goldman: he helped me give a new direction to my musical career by pointing out things that made my specificity and took me on the road to open his show with a 30mn act...